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We automate all Canada – US cross border documentation so you can travel worry-free.

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Why SnowBird Auto Shipping?

SnowBird Shipping offers a seamless, secure, and budget-friendly vehicle transport service, whether it's nationally or internationally.


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SnowBird Auto Shipping simplifies Canada-US border documentation. Order online, get confirmation in 24 hours.


save money
Renting a vehicle can be $500/week, plus hidden fees. SnowBird Shipping offers a flat fee, no surprises.


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SnowBird Shipping can transport your vehicle in secure containers to ensure vehicles arrive in pristine condition.

What we do
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1. Seasonal Travel/Snowbirds

Travel stress free, and trust SnowBird Auto shipping to transport your vehicle securely and seamlessly anywhere in North America.

2. Relocations

SnowBird Shipping offers door-to-door vehicle relocation services, so your moving experience is hassle free. Relocate your car today.

3. Canada - US border

SnowBird Shipping automates every aspect of vehicle transportation including all cross-border documentation. Request your quote today.

How It Works

Our Vehicle Transport Process Guarantees a Tailored Service


Place an Order Online

Get an instant quote! Just share your vehicle details, personal info, and pickup/delivery info. No hidden costs, just straightforward pricing.


Confirm Order Details

Check the quote, confirm your order, and submit. If needed, we’ll create border forms hassle-free.


Order Confirmation & Updates

Order confirmed? Expect an email with payment details via PayPal. Once paid, we prep your vehicle and keep you updated with photos as it ships.


Receive vehicle

We’ll notify you when to expect your vehicle. Make sure someone’s there to receive it. We’ll send pictures on delivery.


What’s the average time from when I submit my order until I receive my car?

7-10 days.

Can I update my order after I submit it?

Submit your inquiry to and we will let you know if the update is possible

How does car transporting work?

Snowbird Auto Shipping will ship your vehicle on a licensed, insured open car carrier. We will schedule your delivery as close as possible to the date(s) you request on your order form once it has been confirmed.

What types of vehicles does SnowBird auto shipping transport?

We transport all types of vehicles including family cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks. If you have questions about a specific make and model, please contact us for more information.

How will my vehicle be transported?

Generally, we transport vehicle(s) on an open car carrier (truck). This is the same type of truck used to deliver new vehicles from factories to local dealerships.

Can I include personal items in the vehicle?

You can include luggage and golfing items, which will be included in the final price. This has to be included in the order form. We do not accept larger items in this shipment, such as household items. In addition, if you do include such items in your vehicle during car shipment, they will not be covered by insurance. We do allow some personal belongings (not including luggage) up to 100lbs to be discreetly placed in the trunk.

How do I prepare my vehicle for shipping?

Please ensure there are no large items inside the vehicle, aside from those that were declared and included in the form. If you do have small personal items, they need to be stored discreetly in the trunk. Please be sure to properly secure your items to avoid damage to the vehicle or to the items themselves during transit. Please make sure to effectively winterize your vehicle and ensure there is a quarter of a tank of gas for use during loading and unloading of the vehicle. Please do not overfill your gas tank. Please wash your car prior to pick up so a full, detailed inspection of the vehicle can be performed before the vehicle is handed off.

Will my vehicle be used or driven?

Your vehicle will be driven for loading and unloading onto the truck carrier

Does anyone need to be present during pickup/delivery of my vehicle?

The owner of the vehicle or an appointed individual must be present to sign the vehicle over to SnowBird Auto Shipping upon pickup and delivery of the vehicle upon delivery. If you are electing someone, their contact information must be provided to SnowBird Auto Shipping prior to pickup/delivery. Ensure you have a valid form of ID (identification) available.

What data do you collect?

Ready the privacy policy here.

Let us make transporting your vehicle hassle free

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